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 Jiangsu Huadian Steel Tower Manufacturing Co., LTD.,founded in 1984. The company is in Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Area, a national economic development zone, close to Beijing-Fuzhou expressway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and Zheng-Xu high-speed railway, with a superior transport position.

 The company has more than 300 mu of modern factory area. Over the years, with the strong support of the superior company, brother units of the State Grid and a large number of users, rapid development is witnessed in this company.

 It is now a company that is capable of producing steel structure products such as transmission towers (Angle steel tower, steel pipe tower), scaffolding, radio and television towers, microwave communication towers etc. on with different voltage levels of 1100kV and below.

 After more than 30 years of unremitting efforts, the company has an annual production and manufacturing capacity of 150,000 tons of angle steel tower, 40,000 tons of composite steel pipe towers, and 100,000 tons of galvanized steel.
Company Environment
Jiangsu Huadian has a modern factory area of 200 thousand square meters, covering an area of more than 300 mu, including workshop area of 43000 square meters, trial assembly site area of 35000 square meters. The company has a hot galvanizing production line with an annual galvanizing capacity of 100 thousand tons and a supporting packaging and delivery site. The company has elegant environment, spacious and bright factory buildings and clean and orderly office areas.
Technical Workshop
The company now has 25 automatic angle steel production lines. The angle steel workshop has four large ADM3635 numerical control angle steel high-speed drilling and shearing production lines with advanced technology. Annual production of angle steel tower are 150,000 tons, and steel pipe tower 40,000 tons.The annual production of Angle steel tower 150 thousand tons.
Production Line
The company now has 13 automatic plate production lines, 2 submerged-arc welding production lines, 3 data plasma blanking production lines and 2 high frequency fire bending heating production lines.The annual capacity of steel pipe tower and steel pipe rod is 40,000 tons and 20,000 tons respectively.
Technical Support
The company now has a large hot galvanizing production line with the size of 13M × 2.5 M × 3M, having a leading domestic technology. The production strength of galvanizing fully meets the annual production and manufacturing capacity of 10 thousand tons of galvanizing.The company has 52 patents, including 4 invention patents, which provide strong technical support for tower processing.
Production Technology
The company has a strong and highly skilled team of production technicians, with 97 welders currently. Among them, there are 69 steel structure welders, 8 automatic welding operators, 4 welding technical management personnel, more than 20 full-time quality inspectors and Ultrasound detectors of the wounded, 5 physical and chemical test personnel, 7 non-destructive testing personnel, 17 after-sales technical service personnel, and more than 30 lofting technicians.
Technical Staff
The company has a strong technical backbone team, with more than 30 lofting technicians. We have adopted domestic advanced technology, mature and reliable Dao Heng lofting software, to have successively participated in the construction of all UHV projects of the State Grid and trained a large number of skilled technical backbone teams who are courageous enough to face challenges.


After more than 30 years of development, our company has become a leading tower enterprise with complete qualifications and sound system.
The company has successively obtained:
 Three System Certification (Occupational Health, Environmental Management and Quality Management System);
 Electric Energy Product Certification Center 1000kV Steel Pipe Transformer Structure Support Product Certification Certificate;
 Qualification Certificate of 500kV Structure Support/220KV Steel Pipe Tower Issued by National Tower Quality Inspection and Testing Center;
 National Industrial Product Production License;
 Certification certificates for 35kV, 220kV, 1000kV steel pipes/electrical structure supports and other products issued by Electric Energy Product Certification Center Co., Ltd.
The Company sorted out and solidified 111 process documents of various types: 56 technological documents, 8 procedure documents, and 8 scheme documents were modified, and 37 documents related to angle tower technological process were optimized, to ensure the needs of product production, thus ensuring that each process is executed according to the process documents and has traceability. The company has also participated in the formulation of enterprise standards such as "Procedures for Processing Angle Steel Tower of Transmission Line", "Procedures for Processing Steel Pipe Tower of Transmission Line" and "Procedures for Processing Steel Pipe Structure Support of Substation".
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